Vintage Lace Web Armchair

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Orange Midcentury Chair

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Another Nursery Chair


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Mid Century Rocking Chair

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Vintage Storage Ottoman

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Floral Nursery Chair

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Rifle Case Upcycle

Quite a while ago I was given this old vintage rifle case. It is made from ply and had foam glued to the inside. It looked awful truth be told… but I could see the potential in it.

I took apart an old coffee table to reuse the legs and turned this rifle case into a rifle case bench.

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To paint, or not to paint...

One of the most common hesitations my customers face is the dilemma of painting over polished wood or not. 

At home I have several wooden pieces of furniture which are either varnished, oiled or waxed. I don't paint everything!

But it might surprise you that my decision not to paint them has nothing to do with its age, expense, lovely wood grain or exotic timbers. Its purely visual. If it looks better in wood I leave it. If it looks better painted I paint it.

What! You mean you might paint an antique mahogany dressing table?

Yes I might!

Painting something isn't the absolute end of the world.
It doesn't destroy the sub-surface in anyway. 


There are gentle paint strippers on the market that will successfully bring it back to its former glory if I change my mind down the track. There's no need to base painting decisions on the preciousness of the wood, but instead on your desire for painted furniture. Or not. 

And if you STILL can't decide, go half-and-half like the side table in the pic above. Problem solved. 

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Masking hints

We had a lovely week in the workshop working on several non-white commissions. Approx 80% of our customers ask for white furniture... which is LOVELY but its great to get a splash of colour every now and then.

Occasionally we paint items with stripes, harlequin or chevron patterns. This involves drawing up lines and using masking tape. It also involves a colour other than white too!

This week we had 3 masking jobs to do so I thought I'd share a couple of masking techniques to help you to get clean, crisp lines yourself.

Masking hints

1. Use a low tack tape. Theres nothing worse than pulling the tape off along with several layers of paint.

2. Firmly press the edge of the masking tape so its completely adhered along the full length.

3. After masking repaint the base colour on again before before your second colour. This helps to seal in the masking edge and any bleed will be less noticeable.

4. Remove the tape when the second colour is still damp. If you remove the tape when its dry you might cause tiny chips along the paint line.

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The dreaded bleed...

There are a lot of furniture painters out their in blog land. I can bet my last dollar that one of their pet hates is the dreaded TANNIN BLEED.

I can see some of you nodding in agreement at me now.

And others going 'Huh? The dreaded what bleed?".

Tannin bleed. The yicky-yucky, browny-yellow, pain-in-our-butt stain that comes through when painting bare red-woods such as mahogany and cedar.

And what is tannin you ask? (You probably didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyways).

Its an acid in the wood that is water soluble so when you add a water-based paint onto the surface the tannic acid rises to annoy the heck outta us.

This is especially annoying when you've already started to paint and then have to re-do. But if you realise it in time you can save yourself a lot of extra work by using a stain sealer first. Zinseer BIN is a good one, or a shellac based sealer.

We are currently trying to develop a sealer/clearcoat (as part of our Vintage Paint by Voodoo Molly range) which will help to control the dreaded tannin bleed. Fingers crossed we can nail the formula soon.

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Gate-Leg Table

We've owned this gate-leg table for a couple of years now. Along with many other things its been hidden away in the back of the storage room gathering dust and cobwebs, waiting patiently until we had the time to complete it.

We brought it from a lady who had a huge barn full of furniture. Unbelievably, despite being covered in grime the barn was bone dry and borer free.... so this piece was in excellent condition.

A few of the joints were wobbly after years of use, but nothing a quick glue and clamp couldn't fix.

Its a beautiful and an excellent example of how vintage can be turned into something fresh and adorable. 

We selected a soft Voodoo Molly "Half Fairy Cream" for this.... which is a blend of half White Crystal and half Fairy Cream - our most popular commission colour actually. 

Its hard to tell on this photo but the paint finish has turned out lovely and the distressing is a bit more subtle than it looks. 

Ant x

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A reel blokes stool

"Hi honey, I'm home"
"Hello my gorgeous husband, how was work?"
"Great! Guess what, I brought you something..."
"Sweet, is it an electric tool or some rubbish?"
"YEEESSSS! Bring it in!"

My husband knows the way to my heart >>> a power tool or a piece of hard rubbish lol. The other day he showed up with two electrical reels which I LOVE, almost as much as him.

How could I not turn one into a super manly rolling stool.....

I haven't added any before & afters for a while so this is the perfect project for that. I reckon this would look super duper at a boys study desk OR DRUMS :), or in a man cave. My husband is a bit of a petrol head and loves this. Of course.
Click to enlarge

We painted this a dark, almost black and added some grey stripe details all around the centre. The top has new foam and was covered in Warwick imitation leather. I just had to stitch a diamond pattern on this to replicate a bike seat, it was screaming out for it. The manly studs finished it off nicely.

Down below are some new heavy duty - but petite castor wheels. Overall the height and width was perfect!

Ant x

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Nesting tables

We have completed two completely different styled nesting tables, for two different customers, in two different colour combos. But they both have something in common… the both look fabulicious!
Set of three nesting tables
This first one is painted in white and given a wax finish. Its for a holiday home which our customer rents out, so the tables need to be compact, functional and easily cleaned.
Set of two nesting tablesThis second set has petite Queen Anne legs and a cute-as scolloped top. We painted the base in Voodoo Molly “Fairy Cream”, and the top in Voodoo Molly “Blood Red”. They are so adorable don’t you think?

Ant x

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Little cuties

I’ve been known to stop on the side of the road to pick up a nice piece of timber. Theres no shame in that… its all the the spirit of
frugalness recycling. And when I heard about some French packing crates up for grabs, well I grabbed!
20 mins a day of me getting my paws on this timber-of-awesome-ness I had my mind set on making some stools. And by-gum, now they’re stools-of-awesome-ness!
Place your order for cute stoolsStool in turquoise
This timber has the loveliest grain pattern…. Nothing like pallets and crates we make over here. I did nothing to prep this wood. After constructing the stools I slapped on the paint, sanded when it was dry and then buffed up with some dark wax.

Ant x

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Queen Anne Magic

We have been working hard (per usual), chipping our way through our storeroom of goodies as well as commissions for customers. The new financial year will be a good one for us I hope, with some exciting new opportunities on the horizon. We love change... so long its for the better!

Speaking of change, what do you think of this beauty! We had our work cut out to minimise all the dings and dents, but the effort was worth it don't you think.

Although I'm not a fan of the polished wooden handles, on this set they were in excellent condition so the customer chose to keep them. They make a lovely contrast to the soft almost creamy look of it.

Ant x

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Kauri Bedside Table

This C.1920s kauri bedside table was originally covered with super thick stubborn varnish, over a sickly pink red stain. We were able to remove the lacquer with a commercial grade stripper, but we were unable to remove the was well and truly penetrated into the wood.

So the next best thing was to re-stain the top in a dark brown and paint the base, in this case Voodoo Molly "White Crystal"

Much better! 

The art deco decorative detailing on the front was damaged so we gently removed those, as well as the brittle art deco bakelite handles. The replacement vintage handles suits this very well though.

As you can see in the photo below the drawers have beautifully hand cut dovetail joints... and the warm glow of the kauri sides complement the fresh white nicely. 

Pretty in pink

Do you remember the movie "Pretty in Pink" that was released in 1986 starring Molly Ringwald?

I do and I loved it. 

But what I didn't love was how she refurbished the pink dress her father brought was way better in the before shot than the after shot! 

Not the case with this Pretty in Pink bedside table though. This started off a little worse for wear, but turned out to be absolutely delightful darling. 

More chairs...and a headboard

We're slowly making our way through all the random chairs clogging up our storage room. We've been working on them since about October last year... and we admit to being a little over them! But we're almost at the end - thank goodness.

Here is some more that we've added to our For Sale page.

And while we're posting pictures, heres a headboard we've got listed too. 

Wee little slipper chair

This wee little slipper chair was a commission piece for an equally wee little 3 year old. And I'm sure it has turned out just as adorable as she is too!

New Promotion

Good news and bad news peeps!

The good news? Voodoo Molly Vintage have a new promotion starting today. Spend $300 with us and receive one of our new $25 Gift vouchers to use next time ... spend $500 and receive a whooping $50 in gift vouchers! This offer will last until further notice, yay! Terms and conditions apply of course....

Terms and Conditions:
Gift certificates cannot be used with any other Voodoo Molly Vintage [VMV] special offer or discount. They cannot be used for the current purchase in which the certificates were offered. Certificates can be used for the purchase of goods &/or services at VMV only. Certificates are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash. VMV exclude all liability for lost, stolen, destroyed or expired certificates, or if they have been used without your permission. Certificates are valid for 12mths from date of issue.

The bad news? Starting 1st April we have decided not to take on any more upholstery commissions. Instead we will be concentrating on all the lovely painted furniture pieces that knock on our door. Which is actually good news for me … I loooove painting furniture! :)

Pink Potion Chair

We've had a bit of a disaster in our workshop today.

Our air compressor has decided to go on the blink and is causing us no end of frustration and naughty words. This in itself is a problem because we work from home and have noise conditions to abide by! I'm sure my potty mouth could be heard all the way down the end of the street....

But my husband - who is off work for a couple of days with a nastily sprained ankle - managed to hobble around long enough to lend me his mates compressor. Yay, its saved the day!

Despite all this we managed to finished ANOTHER chair today. We had lots of these random chairs in storage and they're great to finish off when waiting for commission jobs to dry.

This one is painted with Voodoo Molly Pink Potion. Its a dusty pink which we call the "Adult Pink". Which is like "Baby Pink" but for grown ups. Because its dusty. And dirty.  ;)

Anyhooo, the colour sample in the photo below is a more accurate representation of the colour than the chair itself. The sun was shining very bright when I took the photos making it look very washed-out. Sorry!

The chair is C1920s and has a lovely art deco motif on the back rail. Its made of oak with lovely graining.

This is for sale so visit my FOR SALE page.

Enchant Mint Chair

Each year at the end of January we take our summer holidays. Most years we camp at the same spot and other years we take a road trip.

This year we went camping and we had a blast! It helped having totally awesome weather for a change. We managed to get in lots of relaxing, fishing, bush walks and ATE lots and lots.

We are back at work now and added a new chair to our stocks today. 

This is an old C1930s oak chair painted in Voodoo Molly Enchant Mint and recovered in a white self-pattered fabric. We love the feet of this chair... very cute!

Poison Apple & Black Magic

Mid century mahogany dresser with three drawers on wooden runners. Tapered legs with saucer feet. This has bee refurbished in Voodoo Molly Black Magic & Voodoo Molly Poison Apple, with a clearcoat for protection. The black is shabby and aged, the green is plain. Modern style stainless steel handles.

Not-Plan drawers

We did this for a commission. It is actually a 3 drawer unit, but we modified it to look like plan drawers. Very cool!

Its painted in Voodoo Molly Blood Red and Voodoo Molly Fairy Cream.

Deconstructed Drawers

Despite this dresser having 2 out of 3 drawers missing we STILL could see its potential! It was made from a lovely solid wood that just seemed sacrilege to throw out.

So we didn't.

Instead with deconstructed it, trimmed the sides down, dropped the top..... and wha-lah a chest!

Decorative Chair

Although we call this colour "Blood Red" its actually described as poppy + pomegranate. Translate: a deep red with a pink tinge. 

Its seems nearlly impossible to take good pictures of red objects. I know, I've tried lots of times. So when looking at this chair try and imagine it deeper and darker. What really made this colour pop was the dark Black Magic glaze. Yummmo. 

I haven't posted a before & after photo for a while, so here you go: 

US Flag Coffee Table

Over here in New Zealand we're starting to get higher and higher summer temps. Thats great for sunbathing, but not so great for painting. At the moment the paint can start to dry on the brush. Arrrggg. Luckily for us we use Resene's Hot Weather Additive in the paint otherwise we'd not get much work done at all.

Yesterday we finished off this US Flag inspired coffee table. As many of our readers know we love to paint Union Jacks - like this one here, here and here - but we've never done this flag before! Heaps of fun and its turned out grrrreat.

The technique we used for distressing the stripes were discovered while making a "mistake" on another project. We used some plastic tape on some not-completely-cured-but-dry-to-touch paint. Unfortunately (or is that fortunately) we had run out of painters masking tape and we couldn't agree on who was going to nip up the road and buy some more lol. So instead of arguing about it out came some packing tape. *Hangs head in shame*.

After painting two coats we gave one pull of the plastic tape and the paint peeled off in this strange-as way!!

Uh-oh, OMG, WTF... which is literally what we said after a long pause with our jaw dropped.

Obviously it wasn't meant to happen. So on that particular project and we had to repaint it. BUT it looked so neat that I've used the technique a couple of times since.

It had a silver lining after all and I live to tell the tale. :)

Anyhooo, here is the finished result of our US flag table. The base is plain semi-gloss black which compliments the bright, shabby design on top.

BTW, the stars were tricky..... ;)

End of another year....

Well the end of another year is nearly upon us. All of us here at Voodoo Molly Vintage feel very humble and fortunate to have been able to continue bringing more lovely, unique pieces of furniture to our loyal customers this last well as completing a great amount of commission and custom pieces recently. We hope to continue well into 2013 and beyond... and its all thanks to YOU my lovely readers! 

Happy New Year everyone, be safe and be seeing you. :) xx

The following items are the last of our 2012 items, email us to buy now.

Vintage dusty rose chair $165

Cottage chairs $85 each, $150 pair

Stripe bookcase $135

Retro Aqua drawers $300

Tote shelf $65

Vintage Food Safe Table $125

Kauri towel rack $125

Shabby step stool $35

French Grey Stripe dining table $280

French grey/white bedside table $260

Retro kidney table $180 
Black & grey stripe side table $125

Dining table + 6 eclectic chairs $500

European oak hutch dresser $700

1950s Oak buffet $450