Huge Coffee Table with Union Jack

We brought this incredibly heavy coffee table new about 10 years go from D'Vine Furniture in Manukau City. I'm not sure why we brought it to be honest - it was always way too big for our little lounge.

It was originally just varnished pine, but I painted it in white some time ago. As an immigrant from England I always enjoy popping my countries spin on things occasionally.  

My coffee table isn't quite as long as the official flag, but its damn close! I used inches to transfer them onto the tabletop. The photos below show two stages of painting the flag. 


Anonymous said...

This coffee table looks really great. Was it hard to draw up the original design? It looks very close to the official flag layout. I like how you used black instead of blue too. Simone

Voodoo Molly said...

Thanks Simone! :] Actually I found a measurement guide on the internet: http://www.jdawiseman.com/papers/union-jack/union_jack.png. My table was 26inches depth... and the flag is 26 high, so very easy to work out! Yeah, I thought the black and red would fit in to an interior easier than red & blue..... I love it!!! VdM