Oak trunk seat

My husband found this old oak set of drawers on the side of the road. It had handcut dove-tail joints so it had some age to it, my guess it was late edwardian.

The top right hand drawer was missing, and it had a few structural issues on the top half. But it had no borer and was otherwise in great condition! (I'm always the optimist).

Before I tell you how we CHOPPED the top half off, let me remind you this was DUMPED ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD FOR THE RUBBISH COLLECTION. I save it!

Anyhoo, once we chopped the top half off we started to get really excited as we could really see the potential. After a glue, screw and clamp it was just a matter of painting and replacing the handles. Some French toile type fabric was the only fabric I could think of to finish this off. Lovely!


Stunning isn't it!! I painted it in Quarter Spanish White and added some brass handles and a sponge seat. It is one of my favorite pieces to date. 

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