1960s Sofa Bed & Armchair

I brought these two pieces separately. The couch was from Glenbrook and the chair was from Mt Roskill. I plan to upholster them as a matching lounge set. I wish oh wish I had a second matching chair, but hey when you're refurbishing vintage furniture you take what you get!

1960s Night-and-Day AirRest Sofa Bed

The couch had a small area of wood damage to the base. This was removed and a brand new piece of identical wood was cut & shaped to fit. It was an excellent repair job by Handy Hubby. He also stripped the fabric off for me (always appreciated). It is currently sitting on my patio waiting to be upholstered, but I need to wait until I sell two more items to make some room. I have already upholstered one of these Sofa-Bed couches before so I have a fair idea of how to tackle this one more successfully. 

1960s retro chair with funky angled arms

The armchair was in great structural condition, albeit the vinyl was very smelly. As warned by the previous owner I found a cup or two of mini dried beans down the back of it, as well as a metal washer, pen and an unused address book. LMAO. 

So far I have started to upholster the chair base in grey/brown fabric, and the arms in matching ivory. I have to admit the chair base took less time than a single arm!! The angles were a little tricky so say the least. I guess it will become easier over time. I hope... 

The arms were mostly machine sewn to a point, then slipped over the arm carcass, bolted to the frame, and then the open sides painstakingly hand sewn closed in invisible slip stitches. 

These photos show it with only one arm completed, and then the other. Now I have to put the buttons & back flap on, varnish or paint the legs (haven't decided which yet) and then pop the bottom dust cover on. 

You can see my new walking foot machine in the background here. Heavy sucker that is as it all metal casted.

In this photo you can see the spring work at the bottom. The seat springs got a new cover and were re-strung. 

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