Work In Progress

I have upholstered a few retro dining chairs before, but only in fabric. I have since brought a walking foot machine (a lovely spanking new Mercury) so thought I'd give some vinyl a go this time.

Here are a few progress photos I took during the first chair. When I do the next chair I'll take a few more.

1966 retro dining suite, includes a 6 seater formica table and four chairs
The first photo shows what the suite originally looked like. The seats were very torn in places, but it was structurally in great condition, as is the table. I wanted to get some light/funky vinyl to cover them, but considering it was my first proper vinyl attempt I brought some vinyl on special (in case I stuff it up) which happened to be leather-look brown. Its nice, but not my preference. The thing with vinyl, if you make a mistake its most impossible to unpick and do it again. Unpicking without tearing its hard enough... but you also leave needle holes.

The next photo shows the bare bones. The back handle  was removed, as was the vinyl and padding. The seat cushions were in excellent condition so I"ll be reusing those.

I re-padded the backs with two layers of soft polyester wadding, seperated with a cotton cover.

I made some black vinyl piping to break up the brown a little, with a single line of top stitching detail in black. The piping is around the outside of the back rest (hard to see in this photo) and around the seat base. I covered the bottom of the seat in a black dust cover.

One finished.... three more to go!

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