New Additions to my store room...

I'm trying hard to work through the stuff in my storage unit, but every time I finish something I get two more pieces in its place! Here are a few recent finds this week...

Retro arm chair, missing its original sponge but the springs are all intact, yay.
I will not be replacing the wooden arm trays...

Totally awesome right!! LOVE THIS.
My husband found this in the kerbside rubbish collection!
The front right leg needs a small repair, otherwise its in excellent 

structural condition.

Ca 1940s armless sprung chair. Very heavy this sucker!
When I took off the bottom dustcover to look at the condition of the springs,
out fell a 1947 Austrailian Half Penny! :)
I still have some lovely rasberry pink fabric which I've used previously on an
armless chair, so this might be just the ticket for this one too.  

My daughter found this on her travels and brought it home.
She used to bring stray pets home... now its furniture. YES!

Just some plain jane chairs needing a bit of flare.
These don't actually have any seats. The blue seat I placed on to 
tested for size but they were too small. My handy
hubby will have to cut some new ones.... :)

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