Tangerine Rocker

Sometimes when you're doing upholstery EVERYTHING seems to go wrong. 

Occassionally everything goes RIGHT. 

With this chair everything went perfectly and as a result the workmanship was top notch. I love it when a plan comes together! :)

This rocking chair came to me in an ugly 1990s type fabric, but as I peeled pack the layers discover it had been recovered 3 times, each layer still intact! The original fabric was a barkcloth floral, shame it was too badly damaged to salvage!

The bones were in excellent shape, as was the foam. The fabric was a top quality Warwick that was divine to sew and work with. The photos don't do this fabric justice to be honest. 

The woodwork was in great condition overall. I just rubbed it back a little to remove any lasting varnish, then applied a brown stain. A polymer varnish finished it off and gave it a subtle sheen. 

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