New addition

I have a friend who also enjoys upholstery work. She brought this retro couch last week only to find she couldn't store it anywhere. They are bigger and heavier than they look!  She knows I love those Night-and-Day sofas so has offered it to me. YES! I can't say no to these beauties.
Thanks darl. x

I have promised my lovely husband to complete at least 20 pieces of furniture from my storage room before I go in for surgery early next year. I currently have 68 pieces, gulp!!  This would be do-able if I do a couple of sets of dining room chairs! lol. 

But, I agree this hobby has become a little out of control *Blush* so I will do as he asks. He's very tolerant of this hobby obsession of mine so I shouldn't complain. Bless him.

But the good news is this week I have completed some outstanding UFO's (unfinished objects) that have been hanging around half done for months. A dressing table, two bedside tables, and a rocking chair! That is FOUR pieces of furniture!! Yippee.  Only 16 pieces more to go.

Over the next few days I'll take some photos of my latest completions and blog them. In the meantime I have another 2 chairs which have been started months ago and really need my attention. If I can finish those that will bring my completed total to 14. :)

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