Sleek and Stylish Retro Sofa Bed

I upholstered this drop-dead gorgeous sofa bed for a friend of mine, and BOY did it come up a treat! I'm really really REALLY pleased with the result and as always had lots of fun doing it.

Me and my hubby delivered it to their new home yesterday... and by new home they were actually moving into it as we spoke. The house an is equally gorgeous period home with kauri floors and high ceilings. The sofa look very at home there!

I have asked for an in-situ photo which I'll post here when I get it. However I'm off on an overseas trip to China today (OMG) so I'll add it when I get back in a couple of weeks.

In previous posts I've mentioned about getting through 20 pieces of furniture before I go in for a major operation next year. This couch represents the 5th one since I made that pact! Only 15 more pieces... very doable I think.

So I'm off to China with my friend Anne today. We are flying out to Beijing for a few days for sightseeing, then getting the overnight sleeper train down to Shanghai. Whilst there we're going to the FABRIC MARKETS to load up on some deliciously yummy upholstery fabrics! I can't contain my excitement... I'll be like a kid in a lolly shop!

And the great thing is we've got first class baggage allowance... whahoo!! (Edited to add: we actually travelled FIRST CLASS!). I'm travelling insanely light - my luggage only weighs 4.2kg - so that I can maximise my fabric meterage and other shopping scores. hehe. Fingers crossed I find a source for retro boucle...


amybee said...

Hey we love your sofa beds!!! How do we get in touch with you about purchasing one?

Antonia@Voodoo Molly Vintage said...

Hi Amybee, thanks for that. :) You can email me on voodoomolly@gmail.com. If you look in my page "My Storage Room" I have one more of these couches waiting to be refurbished.