French Toile Chairs

For the last couple of weeks... and for another couple of weeks yet to come.... I'm furiously trying to complete a lot of unfinished projects I have lying around. Some for our own home, some to learn on, and some I just need to get rid of for more room.

Today I finished this set of 4 dining chairs. They were in a bad state to start with... very grotty. The white vinyl covers with literally caked with dirt and grease, so off they came in a jiffy. The wooden frames were fine with a clean, although some of the varnish was a bit bubbly. I re-webbed, re-sponged and re-upholstered. The fabric is a gorgeous black and white french toile style. Very cool. 

Over the last three months I haven't been doing many furniture projects. In November we started some large house renovations (which unfortunately we're still in the middle of, sigh). Then in December I went to China with a girlfriend for a couple of weeks. OMG what an experience! Then in January I was off on holiday with my adult daughter camping for a week - she is an awesome companion and we had lots of fun. Then late January early February went camping with my husband, during which I had my 40th birthday!

So needless to say I've been too busy for hobbies! 

But thats not all. In March I'm going in for back fusion surgery (gulp) so will be unable to do anything for a few months. Great. 

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