Compass drop leaf table

Winning doesn’t mean coming first, it means completing something you have never done before.

A friend of my husband gifted this table to us about 10 years ago. It used to have a round glass top to it. That made it easy to clean, but impossible to drop the flaps down! A guy must have thought that one up, lol.

But this wee table fits into our small dining area well so I've keep it all this time. Its also mighty handy having fold down sides.

It used to be dark brown. About 4 years ago I painted it white. Then 2 years ago I did a blue/white shabby chic top. Time for a change again!

This time I repainted the legs a fresh white. They were ok but needed a tidy up.

The top started off with a black and white compass design. Over that was layers of white-wash, grey stain, more white wash, brown stain, white wash and then a sand and varnish. Phew! What a job lol. 

They will go nicely with our dining room chairs which my daughter & I upholstered a few weeks back.


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Anonymous said...

You are amazing Molly.

Anonymous said...

Those chairs are gorgeous love the idea. I wan to redo my kitchen chairs just looking for fabric. where did you geet the fabric from?

About VoodooMolly said...

I brought plain linen fabric from my local fabric store, it was a light sandy colour. The stenciled letters are in black fabric paint. When dry I "set" it with a hot iron then sprayed with some hairspray. Eazi Pezi!

Herballistic Garden said...

Beautiful job on this table! Excellent! Wow! xo wendy