Cottage Chairs x 2

I found a couple of these old chairs and knew instantly they'd look great with flakey and distressed paint. Yup, I was right! The fabric is called "English Rose Petite", so its very fitting. I've used that fabric before in a number of other projects and it works really well.

The paint treatment started off with a very VERY good sand, a coat of undercoat, then light bluey-green, then white. Next came some elbow grease to sand the be-geezers out of it. Of course, I fnished it off with some varnish to protect the bare wood. 

The little shaggy doggie is "Boston", who is a Maltese ShihTzu. He is a new addition to our family and we brought him for a companion for our Jack Russel x Foxy "Deno". Boston is a bundle of fluff who is playful and loving. Erm, well not so loving to our cat unfortunately...

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