Funky Retro Armchairs + Footstool

I love love love these!!!

But there is a bit of a story behind them. I started off upholstering these in red and white. Sounds great aye, so why are they not red and white now you ask?

Yeah, erm, well, I kinda mucked up the upholstery so had to strip the blinking lot off again. And because I'm a perfectionist I HAD to do it right.  Grrr a waste of time, staples and fabric.

Then I offered them for sale on TradeMe, and they sold for just over my asking price, yay!

Just when I thought these totally awesome chairs were finally waving goodbye we had an, er, accident.......
The fabric on both chairs got furniture stain on them (thanks puss) and I had no option but to pull out of the sale. I was devastated! I have never ever ever cancelled a sale and I felt bad. Real bad. Luckily the buyer was very understanding and gracious.

Anyhoo, I cleaned up the marks as best as I could with some turps and we have now decided to keep the buggers. If I was to on sell them I'd have to reupholster them again (NO BLIMMIN WAY) so the only logical thing is to keep them.

Talk about jinx chairs though!

I had already started upholstering our own couch in the same fabric, and it looks great. I had never intended to have a three piece suite in the same colour, but it works surprising well in our small lounge.

Enough waffle. Here are the before and afters. I'll put a pic up of our couch once its finally finished. I've been working on it for so long that surely its gonna be finished soon. Sigh.


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