Pin cushion and holder - TUTORIAL

 Nothing great comes easy!

I'm trying to keep myself busy whilst recovering from spinal surgery. Today I decided to make a gift for my mother (65th birthday). This pin cushion / holder was so much fun... and really easy to do. You DON'T need to drag your sewing machine out of the back cupboard for this one either. BONUS!

If I'd had some thick black elastic at home I'd have added a little wrist strap...

I've created a quick little tutorial for you.

Pin Cushion


Stiff cardboard
Scraps of fabric
Polyester wadding or similar
Small piece of ribbon (optional)
3 buttons (optional)


Coffee cup for drawing a circle

Iron (optional)

1. Drink coffee then use the cup to draw two circles on the stiff card and cut them out.

2. Cut out 3 polyester wadding circles. Two of them should be about 1cm larger than your cardboard circle, one of them the same size. The smaller circle of wadding will be extra padding for the top (front) of your pin cushion.

3. Cut out 2 fabric circles about 1cm larger than your cardboard circle.  Press with iron if necessary.

4. Press the fabric with an iron if necessary.

4. Thread a needle and sew a running stitch around the edge of both fabric circles about 2-3mm in from the edge.

5. Place the three pieces of wadding and card circle on top of your fabric and pull the thread to gather. Remember to add the third piece of polyster wadding on front disc (in my case, the pink fabric) for the pin-cushion part. When tight secure the thread with a knot. Repeat for the other circle.

6. Place the two circles together with the fabric facing out. Using a simple ladder stitch secure them together. If you are having a ribbon loop insert this in between the discs and sew in.

7. When finished you can decorate it if you like, perhaps with with embroidery, stencil, or buttons as I have.

8. All finished! You push pins between the cardboard circles to store them when not in use, or poke them on the top whilst using them. Easy pesy!

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