Voodoo Molly Dolls

Here you go, handcrafted voodoo dolls made by yours truly. With a name of Voodoo Molly how could I not make something like this!! 

This is Emerson, modeling white stick-pins. 
Actually Emerson thinks of himself as a bit of a 
model, and is always first to volunteer for photos. 

Now that I'm taking a break from furniture (recovering from spinal surgery) I thought it was a good time to get these beauty's up for sale! 

I have made only 15 of these. Two of them I'm going to keep (below), the others I'll pass on for someone else to enjoy. :)

I'm keeping these two - Archibald on the left and Elvira 
on the right. I discovered recently that they've been 
having a love affair so I couldn't bare to separate them hehe.

Emerson all packaged up waiting for someone to adopt him
Here's the specs:

They are about 190mm high and made from both new and vintage materials (all new stuffing). 

I'm selling these in a cellophane pack containing: 

1 x Voodoo Molly Doll with name tag 
4 x white stick-pins
1 x modesty leaf + mini safety pin
1 x white enchantment card
1 x information card
1 x black drawstring bag

I will be selling these for NZ$32 (+ P&P $4.50)

I've also got some optional extras: 

Hand-sewn coloured stickpins x 4 in your choice of colour, including a corresponding enchantment card for that colour. Different coloured pins are used to draw upon different energy. $4 each set.

On the left you can see 4x red stickpins. 
The doll is modeling one of the modesty leaves.

Yet again, here is our resident model Emerson.
Each doll has a label sewn on the back. 

White - Positive energy
Blue – Love
Red - Power
Yellow - Success
Green – Money
Purple - Spirituality
Black – Healing

I will be selling these via my TradeMe account later on this week...

I made these with bucket loads of positive karma and love. It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that they are intended for good, positive purposes only. Not for naughty things. Seriously, if you believe this kind of stuff - and if they are used correctly - you can attract positive energy to you, allowing you to have a greater focus in life! Whahoo, we all need some of that eh!

Emerson in his draw-string sleeping bag.
On the left is Jarvis holding hands with Emerson on the right

The lovely Eleanor

Peyton lying down on the job

DISCLAIMER: Your Voodoo-Molly Doll is for adult entertainment purposes only. It is not suitable for children under 16 years of age.  Voodoo-Molly make no claims or guarantees about the magical powers of your Doll.  Any damage, harm or liability associated with or resulting from using your Doll is the sole responsibility of the user. 
It is not recommended to use your Voodoo-Molly Doll to inflict harm on someone else. This action may cause your wish to come back three-fold against you. 



Ange said...

Hi Antonia, I'm glad you left me a comment as it lead me to your wonderful blog. You certainly have completed your share of projects!! I loved scrolling through and seeing all the wonderful transformations. I hope your back mend quickly so you can get back into it!! :)

VoodooMolly said...

Well, I totally loved those chairs of yours Ange, how could I not comment! Speaking of which, I could solve your problem easily - you could pop them over on a plane and give them to me, then you wouldn't have to make the sell-keep decision. I'm sure they'd look just as lovely in my kitchen, haha. ;)

Yeah, stoopid back issues. I hope the op heals quickly too... i'm itching to pickup up my gun stapler and brush. grrrr. Ant x