15min Doggy Coat

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

We are starting to head into Winter here in New Zealand. Not that we had much of a summer this year. Sigh. It rained almost full time... which was sort of good for the garden, but not so good for all the planned bbqs, beach picnics and fishing.

We are now in May so it is definitely getting chilly in the nights and early mornings. My two indoor dogs Boston and Deno are starting to feel the nip in the air just like us and like to have pjs on at night to keep them cozy.

But instead of paying $20-$40 each for a new fancy-pancy coat from the pet store I managed to whip up a few for less than $3 each and in less than 15mins!

I found some kids polar zip-up vests from the local op shop (thrift store) for between $1-$3 each. For Boston my small Maltese Shihtzu I brought kids size 2. For Deno my larger Jack Russell Terrier I got size 4. I also found a couple of shower proof padded vests for outdoor coats.

Of course, when I put them on they were a little ill fitting, but a few mins later I had a lovely custom fitted coat. YES!

And I'm sure you will like instructions for this, so I've whipped up a quick and easy tutorial.

15 min Doggy Coat

Cute doggy
Childs zip up polar vest
Dress makers pins
Sewing machine or needle & thread

1. Put the vest on your doggy with the zip along his back and INSIDE OUT. Pinch the vest together under his tummy, half way between both legs. Hold it in place with a pin. Pinch the front of the vest together on his chest and hold in place with a pin.

 2. Take the vest off your doggy and place inside out on a flat surface with the zipper upwards. Draw a line 1cm away from the pins. Then continue with another line towards the side seam leaving another 1cm free from the join.

3. Cut along that line all the way from the front to the back. Then using your sewing machine, or by hand, sew along the seam only as far as the dotted line that I have indicated in the photo.

4. Open the vest out, with the right side facing down. Turn over the cut edges to make a nice hem. Sew in place. This opens up the bottom of the vest so your doggy can go to the toilet without wetting the coat.

5. Finished!!

Dog coat repurposed from a childs polar fleece vest

Shower proof quilted doggy vest


Sarah said...

Oh that is so cute! I will keep this in mind if the sewing project I am working on fails lol!

Antonia@Voodoo Molly Vintage said...

Haha, well good luck with the current one, I'm sure it will turn out awesome. Antonia

minkiesma said...

Oh what a sharp mind can do!