Coffee Sack Expandable Tote - TUTORIAL

Fall seven times, stand up eight

I worked on another coffee sack project today. I'm not a fan of coffee in general. Actually, I hate coffee with a vengeance...the smell makes my stomach churn. But when my daughter got given some sacks for FREE I jumped to the chance! I find the rustic texture and recyclable nature of coffee-sack projects so adorable.

Today I made a large expandable tote bag. This tote is versatile because the sides can unbutton to make it wider. I figured this would make a great library or shopping bag, or perhaps useful for my uni-student daughter. Read more for a free tutorial to make your own.

Coffee Sack Expandable Tote

1 coffee sack
Lining fabric
Webbing for handles
3 buttons
Jute string

1. Cut two squares each of both the sacking and the lining fabric, to the size you want the tote.  Then cut small notches on the bottom two corners of each square of fabric approx 2 inches long. 

3. With right sides facing, sew down the sides of the sacking. Then sew along the bottom. 

4. Open out the notched part of the bottom and fold out. Sew along this bit. The bottom is now fully closed.

5. Repeat the above steps for the lining.

6. Turn the sack the right way out and fold over the top edge and secure with pins. Next cut two lengths of webbing for the handles. Secure the on the inside top edge with pins and sew securely in place.

8. Turn the lining in the wrong way out and fold the top edge over the opposite way securing with pins. 

7. Put the lining into the sack and pin the lining onto the sack about 1inch from the top. Sew in place.

8. Fold the sides in slightly and add a button and loop to secure. I used some toggles for the sides. Then sew a button and loop on the top opening.

Finished! As you can tell by the size of my single wardrobe door this is a large tote! Large enough for a trip to the beach, a night away or perhaps a trip to my local fruit & vege shop.

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