Coffee Sack Lampshade TUTORIAL

There are many paths in life that people can choose to take, but it takes courage to go your own way, and make a path for others to follow.

My daughter was lucky enough to be given some coffee sacks last week.


*Does happy dance*!!

For my first coffee-sack project I decided to turn an ugly peach bedside lamp into something more appealing. Af first I had no idea how to do this, but with a little thought I figured it out. Ezi pezi. I've created a tutorial because I'm sure there are more ugly duckling lamps out there.

I have created a great tutorial for you. It was lots of fun & I'm sure you'll love it too.

Coffee Sack Lampshade

For this project you will need: 

An ugly lamp with shade
Coffee sack
Cotton sheeting or similar
Spray primer
Spray topcoat
Black acrylic paint (optional)

Sharp scissors
Marker pen
Glue gun
Needle and thread
Dressmakers pins or pegs
Sewing machine (optional)
Electric iron (optional)

You need a very large table or a hard floor for this project too... and a place that can be cleaned up easily as the sacking leaves bits everywhere. I made the mistake of wearing black leggings during this project... I ended up looking like a hairy yeti.

1. Dismantle your lamp. Wrap tinfoil around the top of the lamp base and the top of the electrical cord. Spray paint primer and dry for time indicated on tin. Spray paint 2 coats of topcoat.

2. Whilst the lamp is drying in between coats you can work on your lampshade. Cut off one side of your coffee sack and spread onto your table face down. Using the existing seam on your lampshade as a guide, roll the lamp around your sack to make a pattern with your marker pen. Do the same with the cotton lining fabric. Make sure the pattern is about 30mm larger all around.

3. Cut little nicks round the inside and outside circle of the sacking about 10-15mm long to make little tabs.

4. Wrap the sack around your lamp and secure with pegs or dressmakers pins and trim the overlap, keeping about 30mm overhang. Start to glue the top tabs in place with your hot-glue gun. Watch your fingers!!

5. When both top and bottom sacking is attached, secure the side seam. Add a couple of dots of glue on the bottom piece, then fold the top and glue top, middle and bottom.

6. Next we'll work on the lining. Mine was a bit creased so I gave it a quick iron. Sew down the side seams to create a cone shape. I used a sewing machine but you could sew this by hand if you want.

8. Drape the lining inside the lampshade. Fold in the edges and secure with pins or pegs.

10. Using a needle and thread slip-stitch the lining to the shade. This can be a little trick so be careful not to sew your fingers to it. It helps if you rest the lampshade on the very edge of they table.

11. Flip the shade over and repeat for the top - fold over the edge of the lining, secure, then hand sew.

12. The shade is now finished!!

13. But wait, theres more.....

I didn't like the original green paint on the sacking so I hand painted some black acrylic over the top. Thats better! I hope you enjoy making your own coffee sack lamp. :))))


Vintage Paints said...

So cute! I love it!

Mary Ellen said...

I've covered old lampshades before, but never thought to reline them. Such a simple step, but that little extra detail makes a big difference!

Antonia@Voodoo Molly Vintage said...

Hi Mary Ellen, sometimes its the simple little finishing touches that can make all the difference aye. The lining was a little fiddly to stitch down along the edges but it hid the glue and rough edges of the sacking very well. :))