Draw-string Make-up Bags

We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

Following on from my French look cushions in the last blog post I used some of the printed scraps to make a couple of makeup bags. These are very easy to make as they are only closed with a draw-string, so no button holes or zippers to muck around with. I might add a quick tutorial to make a simple draw-string bag at a later date, but for now here are the pics of my latest creation.

The photo's aren't the best because I took them too early this morning when it was still a little dark, hence I had the inside lights on casting a yellow tinge. And I'm too lazy to clean them up in Photoshop. :)

The larger bag is lined with a vintage shabby-chic look fabric in pale blue floral. It was a perfect accompaniment to the french print which I got from The Graphics Fairy. The pull strings would be better with some ribbon, but I only had some unbleached wool on hand last night - it was too late to rummage in the shed for supplies. I just plaited 3 strands together and threaded it through the top with a safety pin.

On other news, I am now 6 weeks post-op from spinal surgery. I can drive short distances from now on (although its still very uncomfortable) and sit for longer periods in general. I'm up to about 5km per day walking, which is mostly around the home, using a pedometer when I can remember. Only another 6wks to go and I'll be offically on "Light Work Duties". To me that translates to upholstering simple chairs... painting a bookcase.... or even sewing large slip-covers. Whahoo! I'll be back to my old self in no time. :)


Glamour Bomb said...

Hello! How did you transfer the image to the bags?

Antonia@Voodoo Molly Vintage said...

Hello Glamour Bomb, This was absolutely simple to do... I just cut some calico by tracing around a standard sheet of photocopy paper and then feed it directly into my ink jet printer. A quick heat set with a hot iron finished it off. Eazi Pezi. :)))