Envelope back cushion cover - TUTORIAL

My favorite style of cushions is the envelope back. Why?

Because you don't need to muck around with any zippers or buttons, and you don't need to hand stitch an opening closed.

These cushions have flaps in the back so you can pop the inner in and out, making them removable and washable.

Thats my kind of cushion!

I have made a few recently whilst experimenting with printing on fabric. They are so quick, and can be easily adjusted depending on the size of the cushion inner.

It has been 2 months since I've not worked on any furniture refurbishments due to recovering from surgery. I MISS IT. But these crafty tutorials have been keeping my mind and hands busy.... I hope you are enjoying them. This one included....

Envelope back cushion cover

Cushion inner
Sewing machine
Sharp scissors
Dressmakers pins
Steam iron (optional)
Tape measure

1. Measure your cushion inner. Add 25mm to the height and width and cut this out on your fabric. This is the front of your cushion. (Example: My inner is 295mm x 295mm so the fabric size will be 320mm x 320mm)

2. Cut two back flap pieces. Divide your fabric measurement in half and add 100mm. (Example: Cut two rectangles 320mm x 260mm (160mm + 100mm).

3. For each of the back flaps over-lock or zig-zag a long edges. Fold this edge over by 25mm and iron. Pin down and sew in place. (I cut my back pieces on the salvage edge of the fabric so I didn't need to over-lock or zigzag this edge.)


4. If you are adding any embellishments to the front you can do this now. I decided to add a printed patch. You could add ruffles at this stage too, like this cushion here. To do this, pin two stripes of ruffles on each side matching cut edge with cut edge (the bottom of the ruffle will be facing towards centre of cushion), then sew in place. Ensure you bring the ruffles in by about 15mm from the top and bottom edge for your seam allowance

5. Put your cushion top face up on the table. Put one of the back flaps on face down. Start with the top flap first, with the sewn edge near the centre of the cushion front. Next place the second back flap on, face down, with the sewn edge overlaping the other one. Pin in place.

6. Sew all the way around your cushion. If you wish you can overlock or zig-zag the raw edge afterwards. 

7. Turn in the right way and press the seams flat.

8. Insert your cushion inner through the back flaps. Finished! 
........Except for this cushion I added a rolled rosette (I'll make a tutorial for that tomorrow).

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