Industrial Chic Lamp

A couple of months ago my daughter melted her bed-side lamp shade. Silly thing draped a scarf over it whilst it was switched on, the heat built up and the plastic shade parts melted.

Luckily she turned it off before burning her room down!

She has a very eclectic bedroom and loves funky and unusual pieces. She has a enormous union jack painted on her wall, and has lots of vintage memorabilia. She is not scared of trying different things and mixing things up a bit.

When I started to make a new lampshade she was quick to ask for an industrial look....no fancy-pancy shabby chic ruffle nonsense for her. lol. So out came the trusty chicken wire and pliers.

It took me about 2 hours to complete and I'm really happy with the result. The after photo below doesn't do it justice to be frank... it looks way better in person.

This is the bits I started with once the outside shade was removed. Two rings and nothing else. I was tempted to spray paint both of these silver (one is just metal, the other is a grubby white) but I liked the contrast to be honest.


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