Muslin ruffled rose - TUTORIAL

Brrrr, its so cold this morning I'm tempted to wear fingerless gloves whilst crafting!

Actually, I WOULD wear them if I could find the blimmin things, but the house is so chaotic at the moment I dont know which end is up and which end is down.

But I did find some lovely blush colored muslin today at the back of my linen cupboard. Muslin is such a lovely delicate fabric, sheer but with a little body.

To keep my fingers busy I thought I'd use it to make a few ruffled roses today. I was too lazy to get out my sewing machine or my glue gun so I made some the old-fashioned way... with a needle and thread. It only took about 10mins... it would have taken me longer than that to find the glue-sticks!

Anyhoo, while I'm on a roll with my tutorials I thought I'd add this one too.

Muslin Ruffled Rose

Strip of muslin (or any other suitable fabric)
Needle and thread

1. Tear or cut a strip of fabric to whatever width and length as you wish. The wider your strip, the looser the petals will be.

2. Using a needle and thread sew a running stitch along one edge. For this edge I wanted the machine edge of the fabric for a smooth finish, but a frayed edge would be just as lovely.

3. When you come to the end pull the thread to create a gather, but not too tight.

4. Starting at the needle end start to roll the fabric around, securing the end with your needle and thread every turn.

5. When you get to the end tie off your thread. Done!

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