No-Sew Dog Tug Toy - TUTORIAL

We have two dogs in the family a Maltese Shih Tzu named Boston and a Jack Russell x Foxy named Deno.

Both a very boisterous.

Boston loves his stuffed toys... he carries them around in his mouth, then chucks them in the air and pounces on them. Deno loves balls and chew toys. He can kill a tennis ball in about 2mins flat, first by skinning all the fluff off and then by shredding the rubber to pieces.

Neither Deno or Boston like the same toys much, but they do love fabric tug toys! You can buy rope style ones in the pet store but I make my own out of old teeshirts. Here's how:

No-Sew Dog Tug Toy

Old teeshirts or scrap fabric
Sharp scissors

1. Cut three long strips of fabric from the round section of your teeshirts approx 10-15cm wide. The length needs to be about twice the length of your finished tug toy.

2. Holding all three strips together tie one knot in the end of the fabric about 15cm down from one end.

3. Plait the three stripes tightly until you get to about 20cm from the end.

4. Tie a knot in the end.

5. Using sharp scissor cut the ends of the fabric to create tassels.

6. Finished! Now you can throw these to your dog or play tug-o-war. Wayyyyyy fun. :)

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