Pillow case apron - TUTORIAL

I have used pillow cases for many projects over the years - making little draw-string bags, soft toys, wheat sack linings etc - but this project is my favourite!

I made this apron from two vintage stripped pillowcases I've had lurking in my fabric-stash box for ages.

A friend posted me some kiwiana themed fabrics this week and included a couple of magazine patterns (thank you Raewyn!). One of the patterns was for an apron made from an old table cloth.

Well, I didn't have any tablecloths so vintage pillow cases were the next best thing.

Of course, I had to adapt the pattern to fit my fabric but I'm really pleased with the result.

Want to have a go yourself? I've added a tutorial for you. :)

Pillow case apron

Two vintage pillow cases
Sharp scissors
Dressmakers pins
Sewing machine

1. Iron your main pillow case taking particular care to line up & press the cushion inner flap nice and straight. Pin this flap together and top stitch it closed. You now have a double thickness rectangle of fabric that will become the main part of your apron.

2. Cut open the sides of the second pillow case to create one long piece of fabric. Cut two long rectangles the full length of the case and about 12cm wide. Sew this together to make one long continuous length. This will be your waist tie.

3. Using an electric iron press the waist tie in half longways. Then fold under a 10mm seam allowance and press in place. It should look like large bias binding.

4. With the remainder of the second pillow case cut out a front pocket to whichever shape and size you desire. Insure you have 20mm seam allowance. Overlock or zig zig the top (and sides if you want).

5. Using the iron press a seam along the top of your pocket, pin and sew in to place. Press a seam all the way around the rest of the pocket.

6. Using pins mark the center of your apron and the centre of your pocket. Using these centers as a guide pin the pocket on the front making sure to tuck under in your folded seam allowance. Sew in place.

7. Place your apron face down on your table. Starting at the centre mark off seven 20mm wide pleats about 75mm apart. Pin in place and tack them in place on the sewing machine. (Alternatively you could gather the top).

8. Place your apron face down on your table. Starting from the centre pin the tie strap, matching cut edge to cut edge. Sew along the folded line which you pressed earlier with the iron.

9. Place your apron face up on your table. Starting from the centre pin the other side of the tie strap, matching the straps' folded edge with your previous stitch line. Pin all the way across and top stitch.

10. Pin the remaining ends of the tie strap together using the pressed folds as your guide. Top stitch closed.

11. Give your apron a quick iron, paying particular attention to the top of the tie strap. Top stitch along the very top edge of your tie strap. Finished!

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