Recycled can basket - TUTORIAL

Some days you are the bug, some days you are the windshield. 

Fresh mushrooms are readily available over here but my daughter LOVES the tinned ones.
I know I know *shakes head*.

But they are convenient so I buy them in extra large cans, divide into small containers and pop them into the freezer.

This evening I made Sweet & Sour Pork so I opened a new tin of mushrooms. After draining and dividing them up I was left with a lovely huge tin just itching to be transformed into something!

Oh what to do with it....

I've used them for planting herbs and for storing bits and pieces in the shed. But this time I wanted to transform them into something a bit more stylish.

By the time I finished cooking dinner I had decided to make a tote basket for some of my work tools.

It was really easy to make... in fact I completed it in less than an hour. Here is a quick tutorial for you below.  If you don't have a large can like this you could also make them out of large coffee tins or baby formula cans.

Tin Can Tote


Extra large can
Coffee Sack
Lining fabric
Large sheet of paper
Glue gun
Sewing machine
Safety pin
Ribbon or cord for tie

1. Lay out your coffee sack and cut a rectangle that is 50mm taller than your can, and 50mm longer (use a dressmakers tape to measure around the tin). Next cut out a circle by drawing around your tin and cutting it out  about 15mm wider.

2. Lay out your lining fabric and cut a rectangle that is 100mm taller than your can, and 50mm longer.  Next cut out a circle the same size as the one you made from the sacking.

3. Wrap your tin with paper to stop the silver bits shining through. I used a hot glue gun to stick this down. Alternatively you could paint the can with a can of spray-paint,  or just leave it.

4. Wrap the rectangle piece of sacking around your tin and pin it. Sew down this pin line. Repeat for the rectangle lining fabric, however first measure down 80mm from the top edge and make a mark. When sewing the seam stop at this mark. Turn over each edge of the 80mm hem and sew down. 

5. Pin your circle onto the bottom of your rectangle sacking sleeve and sew it on. Trim it afterwards if needed. Repeat for the lining fabric.

6. Turn the sacking sleeve in the right way and pull over your can. Fold over the top and hot glue gun into place.

7. Keeping the lining sleeve inside-out, fold down the top edge 40mm and sew down. This will create a tube to thread your ribbon, cord or tie in.

8. Keeping the lining sleeve inside-out slip it inside the can (the seams will now be hidden). Use a safety pin to thread your ribbon or cord through the top loop.

9. Tie a lovely bow in your ribbon and you're all done! 

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