Repurposed Glass Lamp Shade - TUTORIAL

The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

I love to repurpose unused items. There is nothing worse than hoarding something "just because"... you might as well put it to use straight away!
I've had the gorgeous vintage glass lamp shade for a LONG time. I found it this morning wrapped in newspaper in the shed. Wow! Score! I forgot I had it to be really honest.
Hmmmm, I said to myself. How can I both store it (incase it comes in handy one day) but put it to use now?
Bingo. Shove a plant pot in it!!
This transformation took as little effort as picking up the plant and placing it inside. All in a hard days work.

Take one glass lamp shade...

....and one plant in a basic pot.....

......and, tada! You end up with this!

Doesn't that make a world of difference! And if I want to use it again as a lamp - or for another project -  its easy enough to just lift the plastic pot back out. I love projects like that.



Meanwhile, I also found this glass ceiling light. Hmmmm.... what can I do with this I wonder....


Vintage Paints said...

That is a beautiful glass lampshade! I love it as a flower pot, too. You're so creative!!

Herballistic Garden said...

That is so clever! Maybe you could use the other lampshade for a centerpiece with moss and wee plants in it? I loved your lamp redo as well. Still looking, but had to comment on your ingenuity! Thanks for following me! xo wendy

Antonia@Voodoo Molly Vintage said...

Haha, if you can call it creative or clever..... its like being a fraud when you just dump a plant in it! :))) But, a big improvement thats for sure. And hubby liked it - whahoo!
Actually a little mini garden of baby succulents would be good! If I had a hydragea bush I'd use it for a vase for those gorgeous bursts of flowers.