Teacup Pin Cushion - TUTORIAL

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Ok, I know I have a pin cushion or two already but when I saw a TEACUP PINCUSHION on pinterest the other day I had no choice but to make one. Its just too adorable don't you think?

I love tea. It must be the English in me. I drink it normally in a mug, not a teacup, and I drink it with the teabag still in it - I like it nice and strong. That might gross some people out, but I love it that way. In fact, I might have a cuppa right now whilst you check out my Teacup Pincushion Tutorial below.

Teacup Pin Cushion

Materials & Equipment:

Cup and Saucer
Stiff cardboard
Scraps of fabric
Short piece of ribbon
Needle and thread


1. Using the cup as a pattern, draw two circles onto the cardboard. On one draw another circle about 3mm smaller, and on the other one about 4mm smaller. Cut out the two smaller circles.

2. Use a larger bowl (or similar) cut out two circles of fabric about 25mm wider than the cardboard circles. Iron them if you want.

3.Sew a running stitch all around one of the fabric circles leaving the thread loose at the end. This is so you can pull the thread and gather it up.

4. Put some wadding in the fabric circle, then the largest cardboard piece and then pull the thread tight to enclose. Sew the thread closed.

5. Poke two small holes in the centre of the cardboard and use these to sew a button on the top. Add a loop of ribbon and sew in place using the same thread. Tie off.

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other cardboard circle but this time with less wadding.

7. Press the two circles together and sew around the edge with a ladder stitch.

 8. To finish it off pop the pincushion to top of the teacup. You can use the inside the store some thread, buttons and safety pin, or you can empty your pins into the cup when not in use.

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