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Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there. My daughter made me some delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese icing. And some little union jack flags for decoration. THANK YOU we all love love loved them. :)
My mum loved her homemade french cushion I made her the other day. I spent a lovely afternoon chatting mindless with her, drinking tea and eating cupcakes. Bliss.


Do you get sick of delicate or strappy clothes falling off your coat hangers?

I know I do.

In my mothers generation they'd have big frilly and lacy padded hangers. They were either sewn, knitted and crocheted - very kitch but sadly not my cup of tea.

But I had a problem with the clothes falling off.

So I made some shabby-chic fabric wrapped hangers instead. They look great and do the job! They might be a little time consuming... and messy.... but VERY easy to make. There are instructions below.

Shabby Chic Wrapped Coat Hangers

Materials & Equipment:
A coat hanger - I used a cheap plastic one
Scrap fabric
Hot glue glue

1. Rip or cut strips of fabic 1-2 inches wide. Don't worry about it fraying, that will add to the shabby chic charm.

2. Use a dot of hot-glue to join one end of fabric onto a hanger. I started at the base of the hook.

3. Wrap the fabric around and around and around and around.

4. When you get to an end of fabric, dot with hot glue and repeat with another strip until the whole hanger is covered.

5. Fasten off the last bit of fabric with hot glue, or tie into a knot like I did. Or you could make a shabby-chic fabric rose to tie onto it...

Shabby Chic fabric covered coat hangers

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Adorable! Love the top too...