4 Retro stripped dining chairs

When I originally brought these chairs most of the hard work was already done. The previous owner supplied the new foam inserts and sewed all the new covers. All that needed to be done is to strip, dismantle and then staple on the upholstery!

Except I had other plans.

I originally planned to cover in a funky vinyl.... pale blue and white was my preference. However they have been sitting in my storage room for over a year. Lonely. And discarded.

So I got my hubby to bring them home the other day to check them out. The covers weren't the best sewing, but the chairs themselves were in fairly good condition. A little rust on the chrome finish was disappointing, but once the foam was replaced these would be really comfortable chairs.

So out came my trusty compressor and I stapled those baby's on. Shame the stitch work wasn't the best because these actually look really good when you don't look up close.


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