Coffee Sack Barstools

When I first brought these chairs they were in such good condition they didn't actually need anything done to them. The black vinyl was in perfect condition, and the metal frame was extremely presentable. I brought them for a steal and could easily on-sell for a profit as-is.

But whats the fun in that?! :)

Out came my coffee sacks again...you gotta love recycled products! Well? What do you think of these?

I decided to cover right over the top of the existing vinyl. Doing that will protect the foam from the roughness of the burlap, and also give the buyer another option when they want a change.

On to other news now.

This will be my last post for a while as I'm taking more leave. Some of my readers will recall I had spinal surgery at the end of March which I'm still recovering from... and recovering very well I might add!! However tomorrow I have more surgery, this time on BOTH hands as I suffer from CTS. This means I can't use hands at all for a while, and then only limited use after that. Luckily I have a great support system to feed, water, clean and walk me (sounds vaguely how we look after Boston & Deno.... hmmmm.....)

But what I scarey thought aye!! I'm already getting very nervous with only 25hrs to go at the time of writing this.

Its all good though. I can't wait to get these procedures done because it is a very VERY painful condition particularly at night........ And anyone who has/had CTS will be nodding along with me right now! :)


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