New sewing machine, yes!

Singer 591D300A industrial plain sewer (1980s) with
auto controller, backtack and cut-off 
I'm excited today.

I've have finally found a lovely sewing machine after a long extensive search!

It is an industrial Singer 591, used but in excellent condition. It came with auto cut off and is fitted with an automatic sewing controller - although for upholstery the controller won't be needed other than for auto back-tacking. The previous owner obviously looked after it, and it comes with lots of feet/accessories.

It is suitable for up to medium heavy fabrics so should be perfect for most upholstery tasks I need to do.

The bummer is that this particular model has an oil sump which was empty when I got it. So before I could try it out I needed to buy a large supply of machine oil to fill up the tray. I'm itching to do a test run on this thick teal coloured canvas which I'm using to cover a set of modular retro chairs.

Anyhoo, including the industrial machine above I currently own the following machines:

Mercury 307 walking foot (2011) with long arm and zig-zag.
This is similar to the Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 and can sew whatever
you can shove under the foot.

Close-up: Mercury 307 walking foot

Pinnock Trendsetter Royal straight sewer with zig zag (1960s).
This originally came with cams (fashion discs) and can also do
button holes. This machine is lovely to use.

Closeup: Pinnock Trendsetter Royale

Overlocker: Elna Contessa MO-103 (mid 1980's). This is a great little
machine that is light to move and compact to store. Oh, and quiet!

Closeup: Elna Contessa MO-103

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Miss Ginger Grant said...

I LOVE old sewing machine! Do you collect them?