White and black wing rocker

You wouldn't believe how much anguish this upholstery project has given me, and how many months its taken to complete!

First it took months trying to figure out what fabric to use. Nothing I looked at really fitted it. Now I'm not fussy person, but this chair had an unusual shape I just couldn't dress. I finally came across this lovely white and black embroidered fabric and I thought PERFECT. It upholstered well in this chair here. But....

But perfect it wasn't, well not at first. The fabric is embroidered and embroidery means puckering. When you stretch the fabric out its fine, but when its loose its not. So I upholstered the seat, then the back rest, yup all good. Then I put the back cover on. Oh no. Because this is a looser fitted piece the puckering looked awful. Arrrrgggg.

I took it off and tried to stabilise it with fusible webbing. Nope. Fail again.

So I thought right, I'll buy some cool contrasting fabric and upholster the back and around the bottom seat skirt. Maybe a b&w stripe. But I couldn't find any.

I went on holiday with my friend Anne to China. I took a sample of the fabric and looked at the fabric stores in Beijing. No luck. I scoured the textile markets in Shanghai. Nada. I travelled half way around the world and visited the most ENORMOUS fabric warehouse you can imagine, you'd think I'd be able to find a couple of metres of lousy fabric!

Fast forward 5 months. I pulled the blinking chair out of my storage unit last weekend and took another look at it. Hmmm, I wonder if I could iron the fabric? So I did.
And it kind of worked.
Hmmmm, how about trying some spray starch.


It worked awesomely!!

Thank goodness.... I was almost ready to bin this flipping thing. ARRRRGGGGG


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