Chair of a thousands looks

I listed this bridge chair on TradeMe yesterday but before I could post a blog entry about it someone brought it via buy now. Great stuff! I love buynows and quick sales... it frees up time and space to do other stuff. But there is an interesting wee story to this chair, which I'm itching to tell you.

When I originally brought it it looked like this:


The wood was oak and the upholstery was a stiff, old, textured vinyl. It had definitely seen better days, but the overall stance of the chair was gorgeous.

Aside from the small chair in my first project, this bridge chair was the first REAL upholstery I ever did. I stripped it down, used scraps of fabric in place of webbing (LOL... but I didn't know what I was doing back then) and re-upholstered it in a lovely fabric called English Rose Petite.

And it ended up looking like this:

AFTER photo #1
This chair then lived in our little dining room for a long time. It was incredibly comfortable and everyone in the family loved it... including Sassy the cat.

Fast forward to September 2011. We decided to do some house extensions - we added a garage workshop, a conservatory, extended the third bedroom and extended the dining room. After the reno's the fabric on my chair just wasn't working anymore so I put the chair aside until I could find something more suitable.

Fast forward to December 2011. I went over to China with my girlfriend Anne, travelling from Beijing down to Shanghai. Whilst we were there we visited an ENORMOUS textile market... we were like kids in a candy store! At one little stall we found a stack of remnants for 15 yuan a piece. Translated to NZ dollars, thats just $3! Score!

Deep down I found the most gorgeous piece of thick orange floral.... I was in love and knew it would look great in my new colour scheme. And so I re-re-upholstered it, and here's the third view:

AFTER photo #2

Fast forward to June 2012. Because we now have a larger dining area (although still small by normal standards) we decided to replace our little round table with a larger rectangle oak one. That meant more room for more food (hehe), but less room for my lovely bridge chair! OMG I was gutted. It was unfortunately the end of an era I'm sad to say.

Fast forward to yesterday and I finally decided to let go and list it on trademe. Today it sold via buynow. Yes!

But thats not all....there's a twist....

The buyer wants it reupholstered. Again.
Back to the English Rose Petite it originally was!!


So I will have to (happily) strip off the gorgeous burnt orange fabric and experience a flash of deja vu as I re-re-re-upholster it in the shabby chic fabric. Who'd have thought... :)))

After photo #3


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Vintage Paints said...

Your chair is gorgeous! I love the style and all of the various fabrics that have been on it. How fun! Congrats on the sale!

Antonia@Voodoo Molly Vintage said...

Thanks Kim, isn't it funny when a piece of furniture goes through some many faces! BTW, I was reading your post a couple of days ago about the hoarding in your garage. OMG, you and me could be twins...... :)))