Wooden Furniture Plugs - TUTORIAL

I've been asked a couple of times how I remove those fiddly little wooden plugs in one piece without damaging the furniture wood. The simple answer is I don't. For the sake of a few dollars for new ones, it is NOT WORTH damaging beautiful oak or mahogany timber trying to save them.

Still, removing them without scratching or gouging the wood is a bit tricky, but easy when you know how. All you need is a flat head screwdriver, hammer and some long nose pliers.

First hammer the screwdriver right down the centre of the plug several times making a big cross.... a bit like cutting a cake. Hammer it as far down as it will go then give the screwdriver a wiggle (using all the professional, technical terms today, lol).

Then simply pick out the pieces with the long nose pliers.

The finished result is clean and damage free. Yes!

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