TUTORIAL - Fixing springy springs

The chair I'm working on today had overly springy springs. They worked well...but a little too well.

The back springs were too loose and the seat springs stretched down a tad too much when you sat on it. But they were all in great overall condition so a little tweaking was all it needed.

The back springs were an easy fix. I marked off 40mm on one side and trimmed it with some wire cutters. To create a new hook use some flat nose pliers to pull out a single section of spring. Ta-da! Fixed.

The seat springs were almost perfect, but they bent too far down when you sat on it. I used some jute webbing to create a barrier under the springs to cushion it from going to far. The jute is about 10cm below the top portion of spring so the seat was still soft.  This solution worked so well and was very simple to do.

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