Lime and Black Sofa Bed

My name is Antonia and I have an addiction.


I admit it, I love love love doing these couches. When I've done one I can't wait until I can do another! They are called Night-and-Day Sofa Beds and are mostly made by Airrest. This is, erm, the 7th one I've done I think. Love them!!!

This one started off in a safe, almost boring butter yellow colour. Now its in a smoking hot, super sexy lime and black. Too awesome.

Yay yay yay-de-yay yay!

Don't ask me why I love doing these so much coz I couldn't tell you. They are hard and heavy... and I'm only 4'11" tall so definitely a handful. But stop I can't.... :)))


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Di said...

Found you through the SS website. You're upholstery skills are amazing. Wish I could upholster like that!! Fantastic makeovers - very inspiring.

Antonia@Voodoo Molly Vintage said...

Hi Di, great to hear from you darling! Thanks so much for that, I'm very flattered. I'm actually self-taught and only been doing it for about 2-3years now... just goes to show anyone can do it with a little practice. hehe. :)))) x