Tangerine Retro Footstool

Flower power!

I love love love the carved floral detail on this wee little footstool. It was originally covered in a ghastly red vinyl, but boy does it flaunt itself in this orange macro suede. I replicated the grid sewn padding on the top which looks great.

My husband helped me on this project, and it was only fitting considering he brought this one home with him. First he stripped it down into pieces carefully removing all the tiny nails that was holding it together. All the original stain and varnish was bogging all the lovely carving down so that got stripped back. Using some fiddly clamps I helped him hold the bits together whilst he glued and pinned it back in place.... not an easy task.

Meanwhile, whilst the glue was doing its thing I whipped up the new cover. The fabric is luscious and thick... a macrosuede from Warwick fabric. The orange is the most perfect retro shade too! I kept the grid pattern, sewing it onto calico backed foam to give it some definition.

I went for a dark brown stain called Terra. The footstool was originally lighter in colour, but I thought the orange would pop more with a dark surround. And I was right... much better! Lastly a coat of gloss varnish to off-set the matt texture of the macrosuede. Perfect!

It was a great weekend project for me and hubby, and its lovely to do things together... no matter how small!


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