Union Jack Drawers

Apart from handbags, shoes and Michael Jackson my 20-something daughter has a "Union Jack" addiction.

She loves them any-which-way they come... clothing, home decor, cushions, wall art,  furniture....she even stuck little union jack flags onto some cupcakes once!

So its easy to guess she wanted this set of drawers when I finished them. She got a big NO from me though as they were a commission for a customer.

But......  the customer wanted me to paint a bigger set instead so this one has become available afterall. My daughter still got another big fat juicy NO from me. Seriously, with all the clothes, dishes and makeup scattered around her room she'd never fit it in anyway!

I bet you can tell that this project was super doper fun! I love the challenge of layers and tape and colours and distressing.... it certainly makes the days fly by thats for sure!

The before photo isn't very good, but to give you an idea of what I had to start with here ya go.


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