Royal Treatment

When you mix ruby red velvet with sparkly diamonds you end up with something fit for a princess. This bedroom wing chair has certainly received the royal treatment with all that bling going on.

The buttons are most spectacular....I brought them on a recent trip to Shanghai and loving wrapped them in tissue paper for the trip home in my hand luggage. :)

What I love about this chair is that is both compact and low. That means PERFECT for a dressing room. I can imagine me buckling on my turquoise wedges right now...


This is only the second time I've done deep button work. The first was a bit of a disaster, although it still looked good on the whole.

This one isn't 100% perfect either.....but hey, nobody is so why should this chair be too! Besides, the bling bling diamonds make up for any imperfections with the fabric folds don't ya think!

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Lindsey @ Better After said...

Oooohhhh! SO pretty! I love the bling!

Sherika Alston said...

Wow!!' Awesome job!!! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Great transformation Antonia... deep buttons isn't the easiest job in the world I'm impressed you attempted it! I want I want. Maggie B

Denise said...

love it love it love it and love it!!! perfection!!