Commission works are more stressful than working on my own pieces, but they are great because they give me the opportunity to work with different fabrics and paints that I wouldn't normally use or do. 

Here is a few random commission works I've recently done. 

This first rocking chair was going into a nursery so I replaced the loose cushion with a full upholstered base to avoid slipping. I think it looks much more stylish too now. 

After stripping all the varnish off the woodwork I discovered a lovely multicoloured frame... the arms were a deep mahogany red, and the base a lighter teak colour. So instead of staining I retained the natural colour and gave them 4 or 5 coats of stain clear coat. Lovely! 

I was given a matching pair of these Viking mid-century loungers below. If you look carefully the curved arm rests are multi-coloured..... it has red teak inlaid into light oak. The customer wanted the frame stained dark but the armrests to be retained as-is. 

Last but not least was this lovely reproduction antique ottoman. The orginal upholstery was chunky and bulbous (is there such a word? lol). I trimmed down the inner sponge to create a streamlined, modern look. Much better.

Do you have some treasures you want me to wave my magic wand on? Commission me.....email me your photos and dimensions etc for a free quote or check out my commission page for pricing examples.

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