The Bone Shaker

We finished this great set of scotch drawers the other day by handpainting a vintage image of a victorian gentleman riding a "Bone Shaker" bicycle. Thanks graphics fairy for your great copy-right free images. :)

This project proved that even a plain unpainted set of mdf drawers can be transformed into something very unexpected! We used VMV "Grey Ghost" toned down with a little "White Crystal" as our paint colour.

Two of us completed this project. One did the man and the other the bicycle.. After it was transferred onto the drawers with pencil it was painted on by hand.

Sorry, this set is not for sale but commission requests are welcome.

Commission Price Example: These drawers are 103cm H x 91cm W with a graphic covering about 3/4 of the front costing $295 total. This is made up of $170 to paint the dresser* and $125 to paint the image.

*This price uses one of my four free colours "White Crystal", "Pink Potion", "Voodoo Bloo" or "Black Magic". You can select from the rest of my 18 colour chart range for an additional $15-$23. Alternatively you can choose any colour from the RESENE colour range for an additional per-tin cost.

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