Turquoise Dresser

Some pieces I love and some I really really LOVE.

This is one of them.

Yeah I know I know, you often hear people say "the photo's don't do it justice" and you think "yeah, right". But seriously, the photos don't do it justice...no really, they don't!

This stunning queen anne dresser has that wow factor which is much better in person. I think the multiple layers gives it depth and interest than the plain painted ones just lack. Those ones are boring. This one is, like, interesting!

This unit was painted in two colours from the Voodoo Molly Vintage Colour Range. The drawers are "Sea Monster"; the base colour of the outside unit was first painted in the same "Sea Monster", then coated in a layer of "White Crystal" before a "Black Magic" glaze added.


Vintage Paints said...

I love this!!!! Sooooo pretty!

Sacred Heart Design said...

How beautiful! I love it!~Diane