US Flag Coffee Table

Over here in New Zealand we're starting to get higher and higher summer temps. Thats great for sunbathing, but not so great for painting. At the moment the paint can start to dry on the brush. Arrrggg. Luckily for us we use Resene's Hot Weather Additive in the paint otherwise we'd not get much work done at all.

Yesterday we finished off this US Flag inspired coffee table. As many of our readers know we love to paint Union Jacks - like this one here, here and here - but we've never done this flag before! Heaps of fun and its turned out grrrreat.

The technique we used for distressing the stripes were discovered while making a "mistake" on another project. We used some plastic tape on some not-completely-cured-but-dry-to-touch paint. Unfortunately (or is that fortunately) we had run out of painters masking tape and we couldn't agree on who was going to nip up the road and buy some more lol. So instead of arguing about it out came some packing tape. *Hangs head in shame*.

After painting two coats we gave one pull of the plastic tape and the paint peeled off in this strange-as way!!

Uh-oh, OMG, WTF... which is literally what we said after a long pause with our jaw dropped.

Obviously it wasn't meant to happen. So on that particular project and we had to repaint it. BUT it looked so neat that I've used the technique a couple of times since.

It had a silver lining after all and I live to tell the tale. :)

Anyhooo, here is the finished result of our US flag table. The base is plain semi-gloss black which compliments the bright, shabby design on top.

BTW, the stars were tricky..... ;)

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