Pink Potion Chair

We've had a bit of a disaster in our workshop today.

Our air compressor has decided to go on the blink and is causing us no end of frustration and naughty words. This in itself is a problem because we work from home and have noise conditions to abide by! I'm sure my potty mouth could be heard all the way down the end of the street....

But my husband - who is off work for a couple of days with a nastily sprained ankle - managed to hobble around long enough to lend me his mates compressor. Yay, its saved the day!

Despite all this we managed to finished ANOTHER chair today. We had lots of these random chairs in storage and they're great to finish off when waiting for commission jobs to dry.

This one is painted with Voodoo Molly Pink Potion. Its a dusty pink which we call the "Adult Pink". Which is like "Baby Pink" but for grown ups. Because its dusty. And dirty.  ;)

Anyhooo, the colour sample in the photo below is a more accurate representation of the colour than the chair itself. The sun was shining very bright when I took the photos making it look very washed-out. Sorry!

The chair is C1920s and has a lovely art deco motif on the back rail. Its made of oak with lovely graining.

This is for sale so visit my FOR SALE page.

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